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you are on a mini retreat that you can access any day of the week. A space were you feel a little more relaxed...


Having you time

Loving on yourself

Fueling up to fill you cup

Experiencing a minute of sweet peace

and learning how to bring balance back into your life 

Retreating to a space that is a place of privacy or safety, refuge.

Now, imagine that you can access this space anytime you like, even when you only have a few moments to stay there...

If this is the thing You have been searching for...

You are at the right place. 

Whether you are currently...

... looking for a quick 20 mins or less flow

... looking for healthy ways to overcome brokenness

... struggling through disappointments

... struggling with liking yourself

... seeking healthier ways to eat

... desire a deeper relationship with God and self

... relieve stress from the body and mind

Guess What?

The Good News Is. . .

This is WHY Loving Me Healthy Virtual Studios was created.

For humans, like you and I, who are busy but have been broken by life, to have the freedom to explore emotions through movement and personal growth mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Here at Loving Me Healthy, we want you to know that you are not alone and you are worthy of a big full life. You will become resilient, overcome and see the good through expressions of self-love. That is our promise to you. 


Just One Month's Membership


1 Regular Yoga Class

1 Coaching Session

1 Meditation Session

FOR ONLY $9.99


4 yoga flows (minimum) per month

2-4 meditations per month

Monthly Health Coaching Videos

Monthly Mind and Soul Care Videos

Monthly Workbooks

  (recipes, affirmations, notes, journaling entries,

   and more)

Private Facebook Page


Meet The Team


Founder of Loving Me Healthy

Health and Yoga Expert

Content Creator


Virtual Assistant 





Frequently Asked Questions

*I've never done yoga before; can I still join?

Of course you can join! You do not need a have a yoga background to sign up. 

*Do you have a trial period?

Yes, when there a 7-Day FREE Trial.

*Can I cancel the Loving Me Healthy Virtual Studios if it isn't right for me?

Yes, of course you can! Just send us an email and we will cancel your membership. No worries!

*When do new videos come out?

The 1st of every month.

*What happens after I join? Where do I start?

Once your sign up and join, you will log into your account under "virtual studio" and click the tabs that you you are interested in.



What are YOU waiting for?

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