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Are you a Dieter? Have you tried countless of diets trying to accomplish your weight goals? Are you tire of your weight yo-yoing because your diet isn't sustainable? Is there more to healthy living than just food?

Who has the answers to your problems? 




We believe in bio-individuality. What works for one person, may not work for another. We value caring for the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. We also believe in longevity. With our unique coaching approach, we will help you achieve Quantitative and Qualitative goals. Tangible and Intangible. . . that is sustainable for your desired lifestyle. 


                 TANGIBLE:                                                                                       INTANGIBLE:

          - Increased Energy

          - Sustaining Health                                                                      - More Joy and Happiness

          - Weight Loss/Gain                                                                      - Manage Emotional Stress

          - Healthy Habits and Lifestyle You Enjoy                                      - Higher Quality Life

          - Reduced Health Expenses                                                         - Increased Confidence.     

          - Prioritize Yourself                                                                      - A Closer Relationship with Jesus

          - Accomplishing Set Goals                                                          - Healthier Relationships          

          - Improvement In Work/Life Balance

         - Boosting Immune System

          - Provide Digestive Support


Some things you will discover in coaching sessions:

How each area of your life affects your health as a person

- Identify the roots of your symptoms that exist

- Foods that provide energy and foods that take away energy

- How to eat healthy anywhere you go

- Steps to take each week to achieve your desired results

- Learn what is good for your body and what isn't

- Healthy living is more than the food you eat



If this is for you, let's talk! Email me at info.lovingmehealthy@gmail.com.


Looking for a Presenter or Vendor at a local Health Fair? Email us at info.lovingmehealthy.com and let's connect. I'd love to connect and educate people on healthy living that's sustainable! 


One-On-One Coaching

  • One on One coaching 

  • Two or four sessions per month 

  • 45 mins sessions 

  • Personalize “called to action” step after each session

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Informative handouts to increase your knowledge

  • Recipes that are simple

  • My commitment


Coaching Hours:

Mondays- Thursdays: 6pm-8pm

Saturdays: 10am-3pm



3 Month Program

- In person $100/session 

- Virtual $85/session


6 Month Program

In person $95/ session

- Virtual $75/session


Single Session

- In person $150

- Virtual $120


Group Coaching: biweekly for 6 months

- In person $30/ month 

- Phone $20/ month



Host Your Event

  • Primary and Secondary Foods

  • Sugar Blues

  • Basic Nutrition and Wellness Education

  • Intuitive/Mindful Eating

  • Eating For Energy

  • Women's Health

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