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How to Love Every Part of YOU!

Self-love is more than just self-care. It’s about accepting yourself. Every part of YOU.

The physical YOU.

The mental YOU.

The emotional YOU.

The spiritual YOU.

What YOU do.

How YOU think.

How YOU feel.

How YOU connect.

Building a stronger and more loving relationship with yourself is no easy tasks. If you are will to dig deep, and move towards a deeper love and acceptance of yourself—you who trajectory of your life will change. The goal is to find balance and harmony with all aspects of you, not just parts of you.

How do I Love Me Healthy, Physically?

The physical YOU is all about taking care of your body. Now just externally, but internally as well. Practicing mindfulness is all about noticing how the body feels, listening to the signals and sensations your body is feeling. This could be hunger cues, soreness, and muscle tension. Your body can tell you when you need rest, more nourishing healthy foods or that gut feeling that you “shouldn’t do something” feeling.

Here are some practical ways to Love Yourself Healthy, Physically:

  • Try getting enough sleep

  • Eat balanced nutrient-dense meals

  • Workout

  • Notice how you spend your time and with who

  • Take breaks and vacations

  • Listen to those body cues

How do I Love Me Healthy, Mentally?

The mental You is all about what your thoughts, moods, it drives your behaviors, affects the way you handle stress, relate to others and decision making. When we begin to love ourselves healthy mentally, we begin to realize our full potential, cope with stress, we are a little more productive and find a sense of meaning in our day.

Practical ways to Love Yourself Healthy, Mentally:

  • Be mindful of what you think about

  • Replace lies with truths

  • Replace negative thoughts for positive thoughts

  • Know that your mind is