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Day 2: Failed Expectations

Hi Loved One!

When was the last time you felt disappointed by your failed expectation?

Maybe in was not getting accepted to the post grad program you paid, applied and worked hard for.

Maybe in was a relationship that didn't work out due to poor choices, either you made or the other person. Or maybe not the lack of not being in a relationship, yet… the age of 30.

I have been there too, and I am still met with failed expectations daily.

I want you to write that failed expectation down on a piece of paper. Then bring it with you on your mat as you flow out Day 2. We are taking it to the Lord. That's the only way I know how to deal with failed expectations. Taking it to the One who knows the end from the beginning. The One who knows who actually is best for me when I think I do.

How did that feel? How did the Lord encourage your today?

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See you thing!

Love and Light,

Janelle Sharee'