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2020 What the Heck. . . ?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

“2020, what the heck?” was my response after facing disappointment, devastation, heartbreak, and frustration after frustration. From experiencing four deaths in my family, deaths of national heroes, deaths of innocent black human-being, deaths and a global shut down from the pandemic, frustrations planning a wedding, the devastation of our country being divided, and the fear of uncertainty. If you were like me, 2020 was going to be the year full of promises.

  • Did anything good come out of 2020?

  • Should I even plan for a better 2021?

Recently, I heard Steven Furtick talk about 2020 being the Year of Favor. (if you have not listened to that sermon from December 6, 2020, go listen to it). It made me look and see this year a little differently. The more I reflected and listen, the more I realized all of the difficult lessons I learned through the greatest devastations and tragedies.

It challenged me.

It changed me.

It encouraged me.

Unfortunately, we cannot get the people back that we lost this year. What I’ve learned is that we can keep carrying on their legacy, fighting for what is right and live each day of our life like is our last. This past year encouraged me to keep speaking up for what I believe in and fight for a cause. This year has taught me to keep hope alive not matter the cost. It’s taught me to never give up and to treat people with kindness. This year has taught me that we have to unite as people, as a nation. It has taught me to trust God, despite what we see with our natural eyes. If God does not take away the difficulties and challenges, He will provide you the tools go get through it.

2020, you were difficult, heartbreaking . . . but if you take time to reflect, there is beauty inside of this year. There was favor for you this year. Though you may have lost you job, the future for you is bright if you keep hope alive.

Love one, reflect and count your blessings.

Let’s hang onto the positives and express gratitude.

This is how we love ourselves healthy, mentally.