What is #LovingMe365?

#LovingMe365 is all about dedicating the whole year to loving yourself, every single day. We are able to love others well when we love ourselves well. However, we often tend to put ourself last.


Starting in 2021, we are going to put ourselves first, doing something every day that makes us happy. Because #LovingMe365 is donating 50% of all proceeds to a non-profit organization, we are not only loving ourselves, we are also creating an opportunity to love others.


Will you join us in this challenge? You can join by pledging #LovingMe365 or #LovingMe30 -Day Challenge. Then create a post showing love to yourself (family friendly), follow and tag @janellesharee with hashtag #LovingMe365 or #LovingMe30 -or- BOTH!

Together, we can make the world a more loving  place.