Hi Friend,


I'm honored that you came to visit me. 

This page is all about helping you become the happiest and healthiest you! I help women who struggle with self-love and poor lifestyle habits regain their mental, physical and spiritual well-being, one pattern at a time. 

I know what it's like to be heart broken, to have wronged someone you loved, been publicly humiliated and live from a place of self-hatred. Through tears, and a little bit of hope, I began a journey of healing and learning how to love myself again, without conditions. 

You are not alone. 

Here to journey with you,

Janelle Sharee' <3

Join Me In Our Virtual Yoga Studio!

Whether you are currently..

...looking for a quick 20 mins or less flow

… feeling disconnecting to self, God and others

... looking for ways to overcome brokenness

... struggling through disappointments

... struggling with liking yourself

... seeking how to use breathing, meditation and yoga as a coping tool

... desire a deeper relationship with God and self

... relieve stress from the body and mind

…deepen your yoga practice

The Loving Me Healthy Virtual Yoga Studio was created for you! 

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"You've been through the valley. Now, embrace the journey to the mountain top. This is another day to shine brighter."

Janelle Sharee'